there can't be Christmas without Jesus

Twelve months, twelve days, twelve hours - twelve visitors have passed.
Their star guided wise men.
Driving forces of human history appeared on the scene.
A future Parthian monarch, a Nabatean merchant prince, a Persian magus elector offered their gifts and the stars of their peoples rose in splendour.
Folks can gain at cross-roads if true men lead them...

Two millennia have passed and we're at cross-roads again. Out stars twinkling over each other promise more then Virgil hoped in his time in Eclogue 4. But promises cannot be pawned.
The others' words cannot be heard. New theories are too uncomfortable.
Our future is in our hands yet. My turn would be to tell tales to the members of the Western civilization. Theirs is to decide if they're open for new points of view.
If you are one of them and dare to play lets start with a game.

...but no one dared so far.

Start the game!